Discovering the sunny city

The provincial capital of Sardinia, Cagliari is considered the centre of tourism, culture, and the economy in the region. The city stands on seven hills, the most important of which is Castello, and is surrounded by imposing towers and bastions.

At a stone’s throw from Sa Domu Cheta, you can go for a stroll amid Cagliari’s green lung – the Botanical Garden with its marvellous species of Mediterranean and even tropical plants.

Sa Domu cheta is located in Stampace, the oldest quarter of the city. Stampace houses the most beautiful churches in the historic centre, including San Michele, the wonderful church of Sant’Anna with its spectacular steps, the deconsecrated church of Santa Restituta, and the church of Sant’Efisio, the patron saint of Stampace who is also considered the protector of all Sardinia.

Efis, as the Stampacini affectionately refer to the day of their patron saint, is celebrated on 1st May with one of the oldest and longest religious processions in Italian culture. Groups of people in traditional dress come from all over Sardinia to join a parade of about 65 km on foot. The route goes from Cagliari to Nora, where Efisio was beheaded and martyred, and then back towards Cagliari.

It is said that in 1656 the citizens of Cagliari turned to Sant’Efisio to request deliverance from the plague. A vow was made: if Efisio could defeat the plague, a procession, and festivities would take place in his honour every year. In the same year, the abundant rains made the plague disappear: from that year the sacred vow is respected.

Historic neighbourhoods

Take a dive into the past and explore the four legendary historic districts of Cagliari. Of medieval origin, and including the high towers of Castello and the alleys of Villanova, these neighbourhoods have managed to preserve their breathtaking history. These areas were intertwined in the second half of the 13th century; today they are treasures just waiting to be discovered. Set on a limestone hill, the Castello district rises majestically above sea level. It is here that the noble residences were located, seeming to reflect all the grandeur of Cagliari, which is not by chance called “Casteddu”. Surrounded by impressive medieval walls, visitors can enter this magical place through one of its ancient gates. The picturesque atmosphere that is full of history has been breathed in at Villanova for centuries. Its old part, located between Via Garibaldi and the embankment of Viale Regina Elena, is characterized by colourful houses, flowery streets, various churches, and numerous shops among which it will be a real pleasure to stroll. A few steps away is the Marina: the lively port district that originated when the Pisans created warehouses for those who worked during the day on merchant ships. This area is still very much alive and is the centre of nightlife today. Stampace was also founded by the Pisans in the 13th century. Walking through its streets, you will find the most beautiful churches in the historic centre, as well as a wide range of clubs and bars!


Just a short distance from the lively hustle and bustle of Cagliari lies an idyllic stretch of beach that offers breathtaking views ranging from Marina Piccola down to Quartu Sant’Elena. Take a walk along this enchanting coast surrounded by characteristic kiosks or take a dip in its clear waters with a sandy bottom that is ideal for children’s games. Dive into sports: cycling, rollerblading, beach volleyball, kitesurfing or canoe trips, there are endless possibilities! After your adventures, relax in one of the many restaurants and enjoy the breathtaking views that surround you. Whether you’re here to have fun with the family or you’re looking for an escape from it all, enjoy every moment: Poetto is waiting to be discovered.  

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